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What to Expect @ CBC

We get it...

Walking into a new church can be overwhelming and we'd like to help prepare you and put you at ease while you plan to attend one of our services.

Prepping to go to a new church can raise a lot of questions, especially if you are unfamiliar with that building and/or group of people. Let's start with a popular question: what should I wear?

Many people like to know what kind of attire is appropriate in a church setting. You will find a diverse crowd here, where some are in collared shirts, dress pants, ties, dresses, while others are in khaki shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and t-shirts. Please come as you are. 

Continue reading below for a detailed typical Sunday Morning flow at CBC. 





When you first arrive at our campus, you will find designated "New here? Park here!" parking spaces to the righthand side of the front of the building. Please feel free to utilize any of those spaces, or spaces close to the entrance of the building, and then make your way to the front porch.  


Here, you will be greeted (most likely by more than one person) and there are members in the foyer that can help you find a seat, show you where our children's wing is, and show you to the restrooms. 


We love to connect to you and start serving your needs as soon as you walk into our building. If you are bringing your spouse and/or children, this may involve a brief conversation about your family. If you have littles, we can help you drop them off with the right groups in our caskyKIDS childcare. If you are braving it alone, we can help connect you to someone who would love to sit by you. Whether you visit us alone or with a friend, we desire for you to feel welcome and at home. Please fill out a connect card while you're here so that we can get in touch with you again. 

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